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Books by Merry Whiteford

If Wishes Were Horses
Fiction | Thomas Dunne/St.Martin’s Press | Hardcover | March 2003 $23.95 | 0-312-30188-X

If Wishes Were Horses is a riveting coming-of-age novel that explores the depths of friendship, the love between parent and child, the hope for redemption, and the heart-breaking choices many must make in a difficult, often brutal world.

Dog People

Fiction | Forge | Hardcover | March 1998
$22.95 | 0-312-85699-7

Set in 1968, Dog People is the story of the coming apart of an old New England family seen through the eyes of twelve-year-old Trisha Dalton.
Chosen by Booklist for their “After Oprah” and “After Oprah 2” selections.
Also available in paperback.

Burning Down the House
Fiction | Forge | Hardcover | March 1994
$17.95 | 0-312-85698-9

Here is the story of a young woman watching powerlessly as her suddenly famous husband moves farther away from her, and her marriage begins to unravel.
Also available in paperback.


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